Monthly archives: February, 2012

Home Recording – Studio Monitor Selection and Placement

Answering viewer questions about monitor selection. He also briefly touches upon acoustic treatment and monitor placement. Great information!

KEITH RICHARDS – Interview 1992 (3 videos below)

Keith Richards, one of the greatest songwriters of all time talks about his beginning and his experience in the industry and of course, songwriting. Enjoy!

Rap-Up TV: Da Internz Talk Making of Rihanna & Chris Brown’s ‘Birthday Cake’

Hitmaking duo Da Internz share the recipe behind the year’s most-talked-about collaboration “Birthday Cake” with Rihanna and Chris Brown, and address the controversy surrounding it.

Karen Brinton On The Inside with the Sales & Marketing Manager Remote Recordings

Remote Recording is the definitive name in location recording, providing top quality mobile solutions for the most demanding production requirements. From the Academy Awards to The Rolling Stones, 7-time TEC Award winning engineer David Hewitt and his crew have brought professional and reliable service to the industry for over 20 years.They are proud to showcase…

Cavi Life- Episode 2- starring: Cam’ron, Damon Dash, Freekey Zeekey, Shakim and More…

-Cavi Life- Episode 2- starring: Cam’ron, Damon Dash, Freekey Zeekey, Shakim and More… from DD172 on Vimeo.

Joe Bermudez Interviews Dr. Luke on Mass Movement Radio

Joe Bermudez interviews Dr. Luke on Mass Movement Radio. Dr. Luke is known as the pop single king. Tune in! Presents: Incredibly Dope with Mac Miller

In our interview with Mac Miller we talk about working as an indie artist, his creative sales plan, finally getting away from the Wiz comparisons, and more.

Claude Kelly Tells the Story Behind Bruno Mars ‘Grenade’ & Wanting to Write A ‘Classic’ for Brandy

In Kempire Radio’s 2nd installment of ‘Behind The Songs’ we meet hit songwriter, Claude Kelly. Claude Kelly has written for Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Brandy, Fantasia, Whitney Houston, Jessie J & countless others. In this new interview Claude talks about how it all began for him, the advice Whitney Houston gave him and his dream…

No I.D. Challenged Kanye West to Make “Otis” on the Spot

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne may be in contention for Best Rap Album at the Grammys, but Dion “No I.D.” Wilson—who produced one of the disc’s bonus cuts, “Primetime”—initially wasn’t too impressed with the blockbuster collaborative LP. “I kinda didn’t agree with the direction that Watch the Throne was going because I felt…

Legendary A & R Executive John D. Kalodner

John Kalodner is a legendary veteran A and R executive in the Rock/Pop music industry. His career has included stints at Geffen Records, Sony/Columbia Records, Atlantic Records, and Sanctuary Records. He has been involved with such artists as Billy Idol, Journey, Chicago, Steve Vai, Bon Jovi, Joe Satriani, Shawn Colvin, Aerosmith, Santana, Black Crowes, Cher,…