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The question was already answered before it was finished being asked. “What do summer and music mean to you?” The two are so synonymous the question didn’t require any thought when the Urban Bytes crew posed the question.

My favorite memories of summer automatically include friends and family. Road trips and new experiences accompanied with an album or two. Hanging with family who’ve come into town to visit, bringing along sounds from their cities. My cousin David sharing BDP’s By All Means Necessary and reminding me to watch “this new show called Yo! MTV Raps.” Another cousin from Chicago putting all of us – young and old – up on steppin’ grooves and teaching an impromptu course on how to step until the late hours of the night on my parents’ back porch. Late night rides with friends from the block for one-night only partying in Atlanta with Nas’ It Was Written as the soundtrack.

Those were the images that flashed through my mind the instant the question was asked, which you can hear more about below in the video below. Now, “What do summer and music mean to you?”