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Bitwig has released a new ‘teaser’ video for their upcoming DAW, Bitwig Studio.

In our Winter NAMM Show coverage, we got a Bitwig Studio update, from company rep Dominik Wilms. Wilms gave us a brief overview of the new DAW, which we caught on video. But Wilms also shared with the us some of the concepts behind the Bitwig Studio design, which include baked in modularity.

This new video demo demonstrates the ‘unified modulation system’ in Bitwig Studio. Whether you’re working with macro controls, setting up modulation devices (such as LFOs or envelope followers controlling plug-ins), or just assigning velocity to the filter in our virtual analog synth, assignments are all made using the same approach.

The flexibility of creating patches in the app reminds why we want a Bitwig Studio release date; the new DAW looks deceptively familiar, but is surprisingly deep.

Unfortunately, Bitwig Studio is still in beta and no release date has been announced. At NAMM, they told us that they were aiming for a Summer release, but that they were definitely going to have a release by the end of 2013.

Check out the video demo and let us know what you think!