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Here’s a great video that shows the value of a producer. It’s a video of George Martin, his son Giles, and George Harrison’s son Dhani listening to the tracks of George H’s seminal “Here Comes The Sun” from one of The Beatles greatest albums – Abbey Road.

In the video you’ll hear them soloing the individual tracks from the song, and then Dhani unmutes a guitar solo from George that wasn’t included in the final track. As they marvel at it, you then also hear a Minimoog part that wasn’t included as well.

Both of these parts are great in that they’re performed well and add a lot to the song, but a producer’s job is to sometimes pull in the reigns and say, “Enough” and not include a part because it takes a song in a different direct. George M obviously did that, and these parts were lost for decades before they were uncovered in this BBC documentary.