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Looks like we may be hearing more from these Canadians now that they are investing more money into the music industry.  There will definitely be more Melanie Fionas, The Weeknd, Kreesha Turners and Aubrey Grahams in the future.

In the past, Ontario (home of Toronto) seemed to have limited funds to assist Canadian artist’s in regards to making it big. As many of you already know,  the only way for a Canadian artist to  make it was either to move to the United States or hope they would somehow be noticed by an American executive  of a record label. The amount of talent hidden in Ontario is unbelievable and now that the music industry will have the money to support their people, I’m sure Americans will be hearing a lot more from these talented Canadians.  Not only will the new $45 million funding be for the artists at the forefront but for the people behind the scenes such as producers, promoters, engineers, etc.

To learn more about this $45 million dollar finding go to Cp24 for more information

[Al Lindstrom]