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U.K. copyright collection society and performance rights organization PRS for Music is conducting one of the most extensive tariff reviews in its recent history as part of a Public Performance Tariff Simplification initiative. 


The goal of the organization is to make it easier for customers to acquire a license by simplifying, streamlining and consolidating more than 40 public performance tariffs. PRS for Music represents the rights of 111,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers.

“The purpose of the simplification programme is to create tariffs that are easy to understand and use,” said Rob Kirkham, said head of business development, PPS, in a statement. “By reviewing public performance tariffs across a number of sectors, our aim is that customers can continue to utilise and enjoy PRS for Music’s repertoire in a simpler and more efficient way. The consultations will provide opportunities to engage with our customers offering them open lines of communication with us, as PRS seeks to ensure that we continue to operate modern and appropriate licensing schemes.”

PRS will run a series of customer consultations across the public performance tariffs it operates, using the responses to redesign its system. It will begin with its “fitness and dance” tariffs that apply to the use of music at proprietary clubs, swimming pools, dance tuition schools and for general purposes, as well as at universities and higher education institutions tarrif that applies to the public performance of music outside the teaching syllabus, at premises for students or staff.

Current costumers will be invited to participate in PRS’ consultations and will accept comments from other interested parties. More information is available here.