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SoundFreqs show some ways to add melodic mayhem to your Massive synth patches, using the step sequencer and adding tuned ‘notes’ which can be changed in value via corresponding macro controls.

For this video SoundFreqs use their mown ‘Melodic Mayhem’ synth patch which is available as part of their excellent ‘Deeper Vol.2’ patch presets collection here: http://bit.ly/deepervol2

About SoundFreqs

Founded in 2014, SoundFreqs is an international sound design and audio production team, with members Chris Gear, Avery Berman and Jor van der Poel.  With decades of experience, they aim to provide the very best synth presets, samples and other music production tools for the modern producer.

SoundFreqs offer a completely transparent experience, where the people who make the sounds share everything about them with the people using them, including free tutorials and behind-the-scenes access to the production process – so you can get the most out of them!

For more information about their versatile range of presets and samples visit here: http://bit.ly/soundfreqs