Jay Z’s New Album ‘4:44’ Is Here

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You already know what day it is. Jay Z’s 13th studio album, 4:44, has officially dropped.

The anticipation surrounding the 47-year-old’s new—and mysterious—album has been building for weeks. It all started in early June with the release of cryptic ads that featured nothing more than the figure “4:44.” After the internet began sleuthing, it was discovered that Jay’s streaming service Tidal was behind the ads; however, it was unclear what Hov and Tidal had up their sleeves.

A couple of weeks after the ads popped up, the streaming service finally confirmed the big rumor: 4:44 was, in fact, the title of the rapper’s long-awaited new album. It was a project many fans have been anticipating for years—likely since the release of Jay’s last full-length album Magna Carta Holy Grail in 2013.

Mere hours before the project’s release, Tidal tweeted out an image implying that the record would contain ten songs.

Though we’ve received several commercials for 4:44, one of which included a snippet of a new track called “Adnis,” there wasn’t much known about the highly anticipated project. Fans were left with many questions, including: Who signed on as a producer? Would there be any guest appearances? And did the project have a concept? Well, we now have the answers.

You can listen to 4:44 now exclusively on Tidal. And we hope you have an account already. If you haven’t signed up with the streaming service prior to the album’s release, you’ll have to sign up with Sprint to hear 4:44 in its entirety.

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