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Jay-Z’s ‘4:44′ Engineer Jimmy Douglass Breaks Down Mixing Process of Hov’s Most Personal Album


  4:44 might be JAY-Z‘s most personal album to date, but that’s not just because of the subject matter. Listening to the LP over the last couple weeks, it’s clear Hov sounds like he’s talking to you in close quarters; the way the album is mixed makes it feel like an intimate, one-on-one experience. It’s better geared for headphones than…

The Hidden Danger Of Checking Your Mixes In The Car

Car audio

  You’ve been glued to your computer monitor for 12 hours. You’re about to pass out on your MIDI keyboard. And the mix? It sounds killer. But before you click “Bounce To Disk” for the last time… You hop in your ‘04 Honda Civic, plug the aux cable into your iPhone, and take your track…

Imagine Dragons Earn First No. 1 on Adult Pop Songs Chart With ‘Believer’

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  Imagine Dragons score their first No. 1 on Billboard‘s Adult Pop Songs radio airplay chart, as “Believer” bumps 2-1 (on the list dated July 29). The group had hit a No. 2 peak with two prior songs: “Radioactive” and “Demons,” both in 2013. “Believer” is from Imagine Dragons’ new album Evolve, which dropped June 23 and debuted at No….

Let’s make music!


Are you getting a musical groove on this summer? If so, you could be onto something that will make you smarter, happier and healthier. Research shows that making music regularly can improve your cognitive power, increase your IQ and even change the shape of your brain, making it stronger and better equipped to store information….

Gangnam Style is no longer the most-played video on YouTube


Gangnam Style had been YouTube’s most-watched video for five year. Psy’s Gangnam Style is no longer the most-watched video on YouTube. The South Korean megahit had been the site’s most-played clip for the last five years. The surreal video became so popular that it “broke” YouTube’s play counter, exceeding the maximum possible number of views…



  MBW’s revelations about Spotify repeatedly adding ‘fake artists’  to its key playlists have been the talk of the global music business this week. Yet one nagging question has been raised time and again in response, both by those up in arms about the news and by those who reckon it’s a lot of fuss about nothing:…

13 Common Vocal Mixing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


  Vocals are the most important part of your mix. The vocals sell the music. Whether they’re a seasoned pro or your tone deaf aunt, everyone listens to the vocals. When you focus your mixing energy on the vocals, you are focusing on the one part of the mix that every listener is guaranteed to hear. Of…

Stream-ripping is ‘fastest growing’ music piracy


Stream-ripping is now the fastest-growing form of music piracy in the UK, new research has suggested. Several sites and apps allow users to turn Spotify songs, YouTube videos and other streaming content into permanent files to store on phones and computers. Record labels claim that “tens, or even hundreds of millions of tracks are illegally…

How Losing SoundCloud Would Change Music

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The streaming giant — which laid off 40 percent of its staff Thursday — has long struggled to stay both stable and independent. But its unique contributions to music consumption can’t be overstated. On Thursday, SoundCloud laid off 173 of its 420 employees, closing two of its four offices, in San Francisco and London. Cofounder and chief executive Alexander…

Don’t Call It Road Rap – A Noisey Film (Full Length)