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All This Free Music is Great, But How Do Producers Get Paid?


  Earlier this month, we posted about Chance The Rapper talking about why he releases music for free instead of selling it. DJ Burn One, a veteran producer who has worked with artists like Gucci Mane, Young Dro, and A$AP Rocky, responded on Twitter: “Great for him. Sucks for his producers.” “Artists tour, have endorsements, sponsorships,” he added. “What’s left for producers…

Just Blaze: Jay Z Forgot I Gave Him the ‘Oh Boy’ Beat First

Why The Rebirth Of Liner Notes Matters For Music


In the old days, consumers of music were able to flip through liner notes of an album in order to ascertain precisely who was behind their favorite tracks. Now, after a digital hiatus, new technology could once again make this information, plus more, easily accessible once again. _________________________ Guest post by Deborah DeLoach, VP at VeVa Sound…

Salaam Remi On Producing For The Fugees, Nas, Amy Winehouse and The New Generation

Citing throat problems, Kanye West ditches his Forum performance early


  Kanye West has a cold. Or at least a sore throat. “My voice is so hoarse. I can’t finish the show,” the rapper told his thousands of fans just before ditching Thursday’s sixth gig at the Forum in Inglewood early. The rapper-producer-designer, who was performing his song “Only One” from atop a floating stage that hovered…

RZA Demonstrates Budget-Friendly, Music-Making Blocks at ROLI ‘Art of Beatmaking’ Session in Brooklyn


Rapper/producer RZA and Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club host Angela Yee met in an Apple Store in Brooklyn on Thursday night for “The Art of Beatmaking” session with musical software company ROLI, which unveiled the new Lego-esque music maker, the ROLI Blocks. The Wu-Tang Clan founding member delved into his creative approach as contemporary artist…

Just Blaze Compares Eminem & Jay Z in the Studio

DIPLO – Before They Were Famous

Music As Career: Staying Focused As An Artist


  Maintaining a successful career as a musician is by no means an easy task, and it is critical to their success that they maintain their focus on the correct areas of career development, lest they become bogged down with distractions. ____________________________ Guest post by Joel Ford of Reverbnation A few tips and suggestions on how to…

Shadetek Logic Pro X Tutorial! New MIDI Plug-ins Overview – Arpeggiator, Modulator, Chord Trigger

In our first video tutorial exploring the recently released Logic Pro X, Dubspot instructor, course designer, and Logic guru Matt Shadetek takes a look at some of the new MIDI plug-ins including the Arpeggiator, Modulator, and Chord Trigger. Shadetek goes under the hood of Logic Pro X to reveal other tucked MIDI production tools and…