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Vocal Lesson with Ben Caplan in Studio Q

[youtube] Ben Caplan, the man behind the voice behind the new record “In the Time of the Great Remembering”, sits down with Glenn Gould’s favourite piano to share a quick lesson on vocal technique in Studio Q.

Music Industry Profile: Bill Wesbrooks, Director of Vocal Performance

William (Bill) Wesbrooks is Director of Vocal Performance at New York University’s Steinhardt School. Bill Wesbrooks, from NYU, talks about the performing arts department and what is takes to get in.

Vocal Recording Masterclass w/ Robert Owens & Raffertie

We were extremely excited to welcome the legendary Robert Owens to the Point Blank Studios for the next instalment in our Live Masterclass series. The Chicago house music mainstay offered an insight into how he lays down and records vocals in the studio by working on a new track with producer and Point Blank tutor…

Philip Frohnmayer, Professor of Voice and Coordinator of Vocal Activities

In this clip from – Phil Frohnmayer is a Professor of Voice and Coordinator of Vocal Activities at Loyola University New Orleans. He has recorded for Centaur and Albany Records and regularly appears as a soloist with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Orleans Opera. Philip Frohnmayer talks about his career and about…

Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

Vocal techniques from the great Eric. He presents some great techniques and pointers explaining that everyone can sing.

Voice Lesson: How To Sing From The Diaphragm

Singing Lesson video series for all the singers out there who are interested in how to sing from the diaphragm. You should do the exercises in this voice lesson every day for a week or until you can feel the results I describe in this video. Do this if you want to achieve maximum results in…

Top 3 Tips To Help You Sing Better

In this video, I share 3 tips to help you sing better. This is a response to the large number of vocal coach questions I get about the voice. I hope it helps.

Singing High: Belting & Getting Rid of Nasality

There’s been an amazing response to these videos on vocal technique. Here are some more “Quick Tips.” This vid deals with nasality in the voice. The same principles that apply in this vid for alleviating nasality also apply to developing a healthy belt voice sound.

Voice Lessons: Vocal Vibrato

Voice lesson series on Vibrato. When he give lessons as a voice coach he gets asked about it all the time. In this video, I answer the following questions: What is vibrato? What are wrong ways of producing it? What is good approach for getting it in my voice?

Lisa Friedman On Voice-over

Alan Ett Music Group is a full service music productions company catering to the needs of the various aspects of the entertainment industry. Their personnel includes composers, producers, music supervisors, engineers, sound designers and a superb production support staff. AEMG has successfully produced music for thousands of network, cable and syndicated television shows, national TV…