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  Music Business Worldwide is launching a new monthly series of special features profiling the most successful and exciting artist managers on planet earth. ‘The World’s Greatest Managers’ will be supported by Centtrip Music, and follows on from the recent introduction of MBW’s popular ‘World’s Greatest Songwriters’ feature. Well-known for working with artists, managers and…

Cherry Bomb The Documentary

Will Digital Aggregators Lead Industry On Transparency With Spotify, Others?


  The Music Managers Forum UK have criticized the “secrecy” around Spotify’s deals with major labels.  According to Complete Music Update: The UK’s Music Managers Forum yesterday welcomed the news that Spotify had reached a new deal with Universal Music. However, the trade body criticised the continued secrecy that surrounds the deals made between the major…

Lil Yachty: Teenage Emotions review – idiotic, startling and brilliant outsider rap


If you are a hip-hop fan who considers a rapper’s talent as directly proportional to the size of his or her vocabulary, and for whom the phrase “back in the day” is always accompanied by a wistful sigh, prepare for your worst nightmare in zeitgeist-surfing 19-year-old Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty. There are certainly some idiotic…

DJ Shadow: ‘Music has never been worth less, and yet sampling has never been more risky’


‘The art of sampling in itself is no longer novel’: DJ Shadow is in Australia for a ‘block party’ at the Sydney Opera House. Photograph: PR Company Handout “Sampling isn’t just about dusty 45s anymore,” says Josh Davis, and he ought to know. As DJ Shadow, Davis has been responsible for some of the seminal,…

Which colleges listened to the most music on Spotify this year?

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How did music fit into your school year? Did you listen to music at parties? During study sessions? To relax? While exercising? Trying to fall asleep? Spotify took a peek at U.S. college students’ music listening behaviors and found some pretty interesting trends. (And it’s not just the biggest schools that streamed the most music,…

Harder? Better? Faster? Stronger? Why is every trailer soundtracked by Kanye?

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Ask yourself this: if a movie trailer doesn’t have a Kanye West song in it, then is it really a movie trailer? For some reason, Kanye has become an inescapable component of the trailer business. His music is now as integral as ‘In a world…’ or the Inception-style BLARM effects were in years gone by….

Camila Cabello and Zane Lowe on Beats 1 [Full Interview]

Major Labels Are Now Earning $9000 A Minute From Streaming


  For those that said that streaming revenue would never replace that from CDs there’s this – According to a study done by Music Business Worldwide, the major labels made around $9000 every minute from streaming in the first quarter of 2017. To put it into perspective, that means $540,000 per hour and $12.5 million every day! If this trajectory…


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  Earlier this month, the firm was named Pop Publisher of the Year by BMI, at a ceremony where Justin Tranter and Ross Golan were named Songwriters Of The Year. Then, at the Ivor Novellos in London on Thursday (May 18), Warner/Chappell signing Skepta won Songwriter of the Year and Best Contemporary Song for “Man”. Meanwhile, fellow…