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Playlist Live: An Exploration of the Internet in Real Life

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Troye Sivan

The first actual meet-up of Internet-famous people didn’t actually happen in real life at all, but in the 2008 episode of South Park titled “Canada On Strike.” The fourth episode of the 12th season features a scene where Britney Spears apologist Chris Crocker, the “What What in the Butt” guy, Tay Zonday, Tron Guy, the “Numa Numa” guy, Afro Ninja, Star Wars KidSneezing Panda and the Dramatic Chipmunk all converge in a room to demand “more money.” Read the rest of this page »

TapeOp Interviews – Tony Rolando & Kelly Kelbel

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Some great insight of the beginnings of Make Noise and Make Noise Records. Make Noise Records is currently experiencing delays with the pressing plant for the MNR005/Surachai release. No release date yet. Read the rest of this page »

Ondes Update Adds ‘Swarm’ Oscillators, MIDI Out

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Olympia Noise Company has released a major update to Ondes, its Ondes Martenot inspired musical instrument app for iPad.

The update adds swarm oscillators to its synth engine, new modulation parameters, microtonal tuning and and a new MIDI mode.

Here’s a video demo of Ondes being used as a duophonic continuous controller for a modular synthesizer: Read the rest of this page »

Apple to Automatically Install Beats Music App Onto All iPhones

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It appears Apple will be forcing more content on all iPhones this Spring, as the consumer electronics giant plans on releasing a new iOS update that will automatically install the Beats Music app onto all iPhone devices according to CNET. If you recall Beats Electronics and Music was bought by Apple in May for $3 billion and in order to capitalize on the investment, it appears the company will have to push the subscription-based music streaming service to all iPhone customers in order to compete with the current music streaming market leader, Spotify. As it stands, Beats Music has about 110,000 subscribers, while Spotify sits on a whopping 10 million subscribers, way ahead. Do you think this power move from Apple will cut lessen the gap or upset more customers? Leave thoughts below. Read the rest of this page »

Hear Jennifer Lawrence’s Haunting ‘Hunger Games’ Ballad

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Jennifer Lawrence

Katniss Everdeen’s sorrowful song, “The Hanging Tree,” from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, is now streaming online. Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Everdeen in the movies, sang the tune, which composer James Newton arranged with the Lumineers, according to Huffington Post. The track at first features Lawrence’s voice singing the haunting melody a cappella until orchestral strings and a chorus of equally morose souls sing it along with her. It will be included on the score album for the movie (not Lorde‘s pop-song soundtrack), due out November 24th. Read the rest of this page »

One Direction Date Disastrously in Their ‘Night Changes’ Video

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There comes a time in every young writer’s life when a famous troupe of decidedly younger man-boys starts to make said writers feel uncomfortable things. One Direction get that job done in their new video for “Night Changes” (from the just-released Four), which has Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayne romancing faceless ladies like Christopher Walken as “The Continental” (albeit with better results). Read the rest of this page »

Has 2014 been the best year for dance albums in recent memory?

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The dance music LP: a pathetic, unlovable creature, caught hopelessly between worlds. Read the rest of this page »

American Music Awards 2014 top performers and nominees

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A wide range of genres will be celebrated this weekend at the American Music Awards with stars from pop and R&B to Latin and EDM taking the stage to perform and pick up trophies. Read the rest of this page »

New Music: Polly A Drops Nature

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Polly A

Industry vet, Polly A  is prepping to close 2014 with a bang.
The songbird  gives us a glimpse into her incredible talent with her new visuals to her “Nature” single that was directed by Embryo.
Check It Out

Read the rest of this page »

Blink-182′s Tom DeLonge: ‘Condoning streaming is like condoning killing elephants’

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Blink-182's Tom DeLonge: 'Condoning streaming is like condoning killing elephants'

Blink-182‘s Tom DeLonge has compared music streaming to killing elephants. Read the rest of this page »

M.I.A. Signs Publishing Deal With BMG

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M.I.A. Signs Publishing Deal With BMG

Controversial rapper M.I.A. has signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis U.K., the label announced Friday (Nov. 21). The deal covers future compositions from the Grammy- and Oscar-nominated artist. Read the rest of this page »

Wale – The Followers

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If you feel like Wale has been missing for a minute, you should definitely see him now. If not on the cover of Complex with Jerry Seinfeld or announcing his major headlining tour, then you’ll see him here in a newly dropped video for his track “The Followers.” The song itself was debuted earlier this year and is featured on Nas’ upcoming Mass Appeal venture. The video is a pleasant distraction to hold us over until his 2015 release The Album about Nothing. The Jon J and Shaun Ross directed video sees random people spilling off Wale’s verses while performing their rudimentary daily tasks. Don’t miss the cut at 1:23 to an episode of Seinfeld. Convenient timing, no? Check out the visual above. Read the rest of this page »

The Brain-Controlled Art Of Lisa Park

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Lisa Park is a multidisciplinary artist whose recent work explores incorporating biometric sensors (heart-rate and brainwave sensors) into interactive art. Read the rest of this page »