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The Most Versatile Condenser Mics at Any Price: One Producer’s Picks for 5 of the Best All-Purpose LDCs from $150 to $1,500


There aren’t many studio essentials that literally every studio should have, regardless of the musical genre of it’s output. But it’s hard to deny the usefulness of owning at least one large diaphragm condenser simply because of their versatility. LDC’s can handle a range of sources and timbres due to the large size of their…

RZA Demonstrates Budget-Friendly, Music-Making Blocks at ROLI ‘Art of Beatmaking’ Session in Brooklyn


Rapper/producer RZA and Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club host Angela Yee met in an Apple Store in Brooklyn on Thursday night for “The Art of Beatmaking” session with musical software company ROLI, which unveiled the new Lego-esque music maker, the ROLI Blocks. The Wu-Tang Clan founding member delved into his creative approach as contemporary artist…

Beats by Dr. Dre Presents: Jimmy Iovine Describes the Start of Beats by Dre

Shadetek Logic Pro X Tutorial! New MIDI Plug-ins Overview – Arpeggiator, Modulator, Chord Trigger

In our first video tutorial exploring the recently released Logic Pro X, Dubspot instructor, course designer, and Logic guru Matt Shadetek takes a look at some of the new MIDI plug-ins including the Arpeggiator, Modulator, and Chord Trigger. Shadetek goes under the hood of Logic Pro X to reveal other tucked MIDI production tools and…

MIDImorphosis Converts Audio To MIDI

Audio MIDI Connect has transformed into MIDImorphosis – an audio-to-MIDI app for iOS. Here’s what’s new in MIDImorphosis: In this version, the speed and accuracy of pitch detection has been greatly improved. MIDI output now supports multiple destinations, both CoreMIDI and Virtual MIDI, as well as DSMIDI Wifi. Audiobus support has been added, for both…

Moog Sub Phatty Review

We take a look at the new Moog mono.With discrete gain staging and drive on both filter input and post filter with Multi-drive, plus a host of hidden features, how does it stack up? [SonicState]

In The Studio With Vitalic

This video, via Future Music Magazine, takes a look inside the Dijon studio of Vitalic. Vitalic had his first release on DJ Hell’s Gigolo Records, then a debut album on PIAS. He has also remixed Daft Punk, Björk, Jean Michel Jarre and others. [Synthtopia]

The Acoustic Window Innovation

Modern recording studios are much different from the studios of the 60s and 70s. Today, we love to have lots of natural light, which means lots of windows. While glass is a decent insulator, it’s pretty reflective, which causes a whole new set of problems, since the best studios closely control those reflections with absorption….

Virtones Vpad Puts Your VSTs Into An Effects Pedal

  Virtones has announced vPed, a new device that turns your VST/VSTi plugins into a hardware effects pedal. Here are the details: Features: Guitar and XLR mic inputs, that can also be used at the same time. Balanced/unbalanced outputs. MIDI capabilities, to connect a midi keyboard for the use of VSTi virtual instruments. Up to…

Steinberg Releases Halion 5, Halion Sonic 2

This week Steinberg announced two major updates to HALion and HALion Sonic.HALion 5 is the latest iteration of Steinberg’s VST sampler and sound creation system. HALion 5 boasts new features, new instruments and sound sources that “extend the boundaries” of virtual sampling and sound design software.Steinberg’s premier VST workstation, HALion Sonic 2, provides a wealth…