Monthly archives: October, 2015

Rihanna In Talks With Samsung for Tour Sponsorship

As details continue to slowly trickle out about Rihanna‘s highly anticipated eighth studio album Anti, a new report Friday (Oct. 30) indicates that the Roc Nation singer could be linking up with Samsung in a massive deal. The New York Postsays that Samsung and Rihanna have partnered up for a $25 million sponsorship deal surrounding both the release of Anti and…

Kesha Pushes for Injunction So She Can Record Album Without Dr. Luke

Having told a New York judge that her career is in jeopardy, Kesha Rose Sebert is moving forward with arguments why a judge should issue a preliminary injunction and allow her to record an album without Dr. Luke’s involvement….

The Importance Of Getting A Sync Rep

There is good money to be made by artists who can acquire a sync deal for their music, but getting your composition into the hands and ears of those who have the power to make it happen is no easy task. Here we look at why and how artists should go about getting a sync agent….

Kobalt: We’ll Grow YouTube Revenues By 50% For AMRA Clients

Kobalt is cross. The company’s charismatic founder, Willard Ahdritz, makes no bones about the fact that he’s been left fuming by what he sees as “glaring inefficiencies” in the traditional collection of his clients’ digital royalties. It’s for this reason Kobalt has set up – via an acquisition – its very own collection society for publishers…

10,929,203 Streams On Spotify = $56,329.35

There. In its rawest, purest form. This is what a song is worth on Spotify. Streaming fees, mechanicals, and performance royalties.  Doesn’t seem right to you? Then you should definitely keep reading. Before Friday’s New York Times piece, you probably hadn’t heard of Perrin Lamb. He’s the singer songwriter behind those numbers in the headline (we’ll…

Streaming + Ticketing + Data: A New Frontier For The Music Industry

Music industry… we are entering a new phase of the streaming economy – finally joining the dots between recorded music data and live. It’s a subject that’s gone predominantly unspoken in our business until late but it’s one that’s going have huge implications for all of us and one we should all be talking about…

Live Nation Has Record Third Quarter on Festival, Ticketing Strength

Live Nation rode a 9.8 percent gain in fan attendance to the best quarter in the company’s history. Third quarter earnings released Thursday showed revenue rose 10.1 percent at constant currency to a record $2.8 billion (reported revenue was a record $2.6 billion)….

Apple Shows Off Its First-Ever Piece Of Virtual Reality Content With U2 Music Video

After staying relatively quiet on the future of virtual reality, Apple has made its first foray into the space via a 360-degree U2 music video made available on the Vrse app….

3 Ways To Sell More Merchandise

Looking for a better way to market your band tees? In this article, the people at Manhead Merchandise offer some advice on how to effectively market your band merch to both newand preexisting fans….

Vevo Signs Deal With BBC Radio 1 For Live Lounge Content

Vevo and BBC Worldwide have signed a partnership for the distribution for BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge performance series. BBC Radio 1 provide a back catalogue of over 200 Live Lounge performances on Vevo, which will become an exclusive home for the majority of future Live Lounge performances internationally. Vevo boasts over 12 billion monthly…