Monthly archives: May, 2015

YG, Freeway, and the LOX Cameo During Erykah Badu’s Set at Roots Picnic

The 8th Annual Roots Picnic went down in Philadelphia last night, with performers including A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd and Phantogram. The band themselves were on hand to support headliner Erykah Badu, who brought out some special guests during a performance of her own “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop).” Compton rapper YG came…

B.B. King Recalled with Love, Humor at Mississippi Funeral

B.B. King‘s early life personified the blues: He was born to dirt-poor sharecroppers in the cotton country of the Mississippi Delta and left alone by the deaths of his mother and grandmother when he was a child. But he never let those circumstances hold him back or define him, a minister said Saturday at the…

Why Artists Don’t Make Money – The Business of Life (Episode 3)

This episode of ‘The Business of Life’ looks at two creative industries going in seemingly opposite trajectories: the fine art world, where the sky is seemingly the limit for the prices collectors are willing to pay; and the music industry, where the free-fall of record company profits has only recently begun to slow….

Taylor Swift Brings Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons Out for ‘Radioactive’ in Detroit

Saturday night was special guest night on Taylor Swift‘s 1989 World Tour….

Snapchat, Mobile Messaging and the New Age of Streaming

There’s no obvious way of doing things anymore….

Glastonbury Organizer Receives Death Threats Over Kanye West Booking

Glastonbury fans have had a contentious history with the rap acts that play the festival, but some seem especially unhappy about this year’s headliner Kanye West. In a new interview the London Evening Standard, fest organizer Emily Eavis says that she’s received threats on her life for the booking….

Shazam’s New Visual Recognition Capabilities Could Change the Way Labels Promote Albums

A little camera icon appeared on the Shazam app today and it means big things for the New York City mobile company. Now, the company’s 100 million users can use the app for visual recognition. But the camera won’t ID just anything you point it at. It’s designed for posters, packaged goods and print media — in…

Kanye West gives graduation speech to students at LA fashion college – watch

Kanye West has given a speech to graduating fashion students at a college in Los Angeles…. curates music from Soundcloud, Facebook, and YouTube

Imagine a streaming platform that can stream music from YouTube, Soundcloud, blogs, and Facebook, all neatly from a single screen. That’s the idea behind, a Dutch-based playlist generator which gives you the ability to collect and play digital music from multiple sources. While the service isn’t new, the creators have introduced a handy new “feeds” feature, which allows users…

U2 Play Old Hits, Share Stories at Thrilling 500-Capacity Roxy Gig

Bono knows how to work a room, only for decades he’s been working arenas and stadiums, offering sweeping gestures on the most epic stages. Last night at the Roxy Theatre on L.A.’s Sunset Strip, U2 showed they could still dial things down to the most intimate level, playing a thrilling set for 500 ecstatic fans….