Monthly archives: March, 2016

Virtual Reality Is Not Ready for Prime Time, But…

Facebook, Google, Samsung and many others are vying to be leaders in the next wave of entertainment….

100 Things Every Musician Should Know

1. The difference between a recording and a composition….

Instagram Is Becoming a Lot More Like Parent Company Facebook

Instagram users could soon notice something different in their feeds: Instead of showing users the most recent posts first, the mobile photo-sharing app says it will give higher priority to posts that each user is likely to care about most….

Spotify and Publishing Group Reach $30 Million Settlement Agreement Over Unpaid Royalties

The National Music Publishing Association (NMPA) has announced its successful brokering of a settlement between Spotify and its constituents over unmatched (songs that haven’t received payment because Spotify didn’t identify their publishers) and unpaid song royalties, a topic that has given rise to several legal cases against the streaming services over the past few months. The settlement process will begin in…

Michael Jackson Hologram Dispute Is Settled

Two companies that fought viciously over the rights to hologram and digital projection technology have come to an agreement with each other, although it won’t quite end all the legal madness over the technology capable of reviving dead stars and allowing living ones to be in multiple places at any given moment….

Sony Music Is Giving Artists 100% Access to Their Streaming Data

Universal Music Group has been accused of not sharing streaming revenues with artists.  Sony Music, its smaller rival, wants a different image….

‘Traditional Radio’ Is Now a Billion Dollar Digital Business

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has released a new report stating that radio revenue from digital platforms have hit an all-time high, topping $1 billion for the first time ever.  Off-air sales also grew 11% over the previous year, and now exceed the $2 billion mark….

Music Reports Launches New Tool to Begin Solving ‘The Database Problem’

Music Reports has launched an unnamed rights administration platform aimed at clearing up publishing information for the millions of songs, largely from independent artists, that are digitally distributed through platforms like CD Baby and TuneCore….

SoundCloud Rumored to Have Struck a Deal with Holdout Major Sony Music

SoundCloud has struck a deal with Sony Music, marking the last cobble on its road to full legitimacy and the launch of a paid subscription service, according to a report from The Verge this evening (Mar. 17). SoundCloud tells Billboard they won’t comment on rumors, while Sony Music did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation….

Exclusive: Spotify, Major Songwriters Preparing a Massive Out-of-Court Settlement

Spotify and a number of major US-based music publishers are now preparing an out-of-court settlement over unpaid publishing royalties, according to confidential details shared with Digital Music News this morning….