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Beyond Stock Sounds: 10 Essential Plugins You NEED to Add to Your DAW


  DAWs have come a long way in recent years, and the included plugins that come with them rival after-market commercial options in many cases. However, your DAW’s standard EQs, compressors, and extra goodies may not always make the cut for intense audio work. Even now, there are some things that stock plugins often won’tdo. For…

Metro Boomin Is Partnering With Republic Records and Universal Music Group To Launch His Own Label


  Metro Boomin has announced the official launch of his label, Boominati Worldwide. The label, which Metro first announced in February, was formed in partnership with Republic Records and Universal Music Group and will facilitate his own releases, as well as output from future signees. The producer’s solo debut single, “No Complaints,” featuring Drake and Offset, served as his…

How much EQ is too much?

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I do a lot of dance music, and have been referencing my mixes against commercial releases. How can I get the fat synth sounds of my references without going nuts with EQ? For example, I have a song I’m working on at the moment where I have to boost 15dB at 350Hz to get anywhere…

The Basics of Beat Detective: Best Practices for Editing Drums


  Pro Tool’s Beat Detective is a powerful tool to have under your belt. From editing audio and MIDI tracks, to generating complete tempo maps and groove templates based on a performance, Beat Detective can be a real life and time saver. Contrary to popular belief, the results need not be robotic or unnatural. When…

Scott Storch Gives A Rundown of His Production Hits Live on Sway in the Morning

All This Free Music is Great, But How Do Producers Get Paid?


  Earlier this month, we posted about Chance The Rapper talking about why he releases music for free instead of selling it. DJ Burn One, a veteran producer who has worked with artists like Gucci Mane, Young Dro, and A$AP Rocky, responded on Twitter: “Great for him. Sucks for his producers.” “Artists tour, have endorsements, sponsorships,” he added. “What’s left for producers…

Just Blaze: Jay Z Forgot I Gave Him the ‘Oh Boy’ Beat First

Why The Rebirth Of Liner Notes Matters For Music


In the old days, consumers of music were able to flip through liner notes of an album in order to ascertain precisely who was behind their favorite tracks. Now, after a digital hiatus, new technology could once again make this information, plus more, easily accessible once again. _________________________ Guest post by Deborah DeLoach, VP at VeVa Sound…

Salaam Remi On Producing For The Fugees, Nas, Amy Winehouse and The New Generation