Monthly archives: January, 2012


L.E.P. Bogus Boys in the studio with Chase N Cashe and Hit-Boy. Studio life to a T.

Paul Nelson Talks About Mixing Business & Performing

Paul Nelson (former writer for Rolling Stone) breaks down the business and performing side of music. A lot of artists don’t understand how much business is involved in the industry so it is a great idea to start preparing now.

In The Studio With Mannie Fresh

Just a short clip showing you a sneak peak at what Mannie Fresh has been working on lately. Tune in!


Here is an in depth look at a specific area of music engineering. This video goes into great detail and will help you a great deal.

Oasis (Noel Gallgher) Interview About Songwriting

Noel Gallagher of Oasis talks about where his inspiration comes from when writing songs. He was the sole songwriting contributor on the group’s first few albums.

In The Lab With DJ Khalil

Highly sought after Aftermath producer, DJ Khalil breaks down how he created the Clipse single, “Kinda Like A Big Deal”. DJ Khalil also helped produce four songs on the Eminem’s Recovery album. Watch and learn.

Mix With the Masters – Tony Maserati

Producer & mixer Tony Maserati conducting a mixing seminar in the extraordinary Studio La Fabrique in Saint-Rémy de Provence, France. Listen as he helps you to understand his technique!

An Interview With A&R Jeff Fenster

An Interview With Jeff Fenster who is an A & R expert. He explains the challenges the industry presents and how to deal with them. Tune in!

Introducing Pro Tools® 10 and Pro Tools® HDX – a gigantic leap in sound and speed

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in audio recording, you want to create the best sounding mixes possible, quickly and easily. With industry-leading Pro Tools software and systems, you can do just that and more.

Just Blaze Presents RED STADIUM Studio

Just blaze is one of the hottest producers right now. You would do well to mimic his career. Listen in as he does work.