Monthly archives: January, 2012

In The Studio With Bryan Carlstrom

Ryan Carlstrom has helped groups such as the Offspring. In this video he tours his studio and shows us the kind of gear he uses.

LL Cool J Promotes “Boomdizzle” Virtual Studio

LL stays on his hustle promoting his new mobile studio called “Boomdizzle” at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012. The app began as a social network and now it will assist in virtual recording and collaborating. This will help artists communicate across the nation with collaborations and will definitely help music in the future.

Pensado’s Place: #3 – Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, T-Pain, and guest Dylan ‘3D’ Dresdow

In the 3rd episode of Pensado’s Place, Dave Pensado is joined by grammy award winning mixer Dylan “3D” Dresdow. (Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Usher, and The Game). On this week’s Into The Lair, Dave goes talks about how he Busses tracks for mixing, and the various plug-ins he uses on those…

Internet Marketing for Musicians Made Easy

A great video tutorial helping aspiring musicians start a “buzz” online. Listen as he explains how to get your website started and what you need to focus on when creating your own website.

Da Internz Break Down The Making Of Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” Single

Watch as Da Internz, the producers of the Big Sean’s latest hit single “Dance (A$$)”, talk about the process of making the beat and recording the song.

Bob Dylan Interview on Sixty Minutes

Bob Dylan, one of the best songwriters of all time speaks on his creative process of songwriting. He touches on fulfilling his destiny in life. Very interesting interview!

NAMM 2012 Koma Elektronik Analog Filter and Gate Delay Pedals

The first of the year is flooded with new gear obviously from the help of NAMM. Here is a video explaining the new Koma filters and pedals. Evidence they are constantly improving their products so people like you can make better music.

Pop & Oak Talk Working With Nikki Minaj’s And More…..

Pop Wansel and Oak Super-Producers who are doing some serious work and have done tons of hits as of late. Check out the Interview!

Hit-Boy In The Studio Mixing ‘Lay It On Me’ by Kelly Rowland & Big Sean

Take a behind the scenes look Hit-Boy who produced ‘Niggas In Paris’ as he mixes Kelly Rowland’s new single with Big Sean. He definitely is an up and coming producer so listen to this interview all of you aspiring producers!

Young Guru On Digital Digging

DJ/Producer/Engineer Young Guru talks about his beginnings and shares his thoughts on internet era “diggin” and how producers now have it much easier than he did. Tune in!