Monthly archives: March, 2012

Roland Jupiter 50 Synthesizer Keyboard Overview

Jupiter-50 follows quickly on the heels of the Jupiter 80 offering next level performance and synthesis from the acclaimed SuperNatural sound engine. Roland Jupiter-50 synthesizers come loaded with a 76-note portable design keyboard delivering a compact, lightweight format that delivers an unprecedented fusion of synthesis and acoustic instruments.

Zack Werner & Blair Holder – The Biz-Lawyers

Music lawyers Zack Werner & Blair Holder candidly discuss the music business – The real deal on the music biz. Enjoy!

Kanye West VOYR: Just Kids From Chicago

Kanye’s creative director explains when their style changed from Chicago to New York and the whole suit movement. Enjoy!

Ryan Tedder – Exclusive Jon Chattman Interview (2 videos below)

OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder discusses touring, life after “Apologize”, and more with Jon Chattman moments before taking the stage of Mandalay Bay beach in Vegas.

Sirenic Vocalist Tori Amos in Studio Q

American songstress Tori Amos made a name for herself in the 90’s as an alternative artist with albums like “Little Earthquakes”, “Under the Pink”, and “Boys for Pele”, and with her latest album “Night of Hunters” she finally tries her piano-playing hand at classical music.

IMPROVISATION: Creating Scale Contrast

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question. My improvisation ability feels like it has hit a plateau that I can’t get it moving beyond. My scales are all memorized, but it feels like everything I’m playing is way too scale like. What can I do to stop everything I play from sounding…

Tha Bizness – Creating “My President” – Young Jeezy

Tha Bizness Presents Behind The Beats: Making of “My President Is Black” Henny and Dow Jones of super producing group Tha Bizness take you behind the beats and show how they made Young Jeezy’s 2009 National Anthem “My President Is Black” from his album The Recession.

An Intreview With John Hollenbeck (Drums)

John Hollenbeck talks about his growth as a drummer. He discusses numerous drummers and their unique styles and goes over the various parts of a drum set.

Rico Love | #TTLO | V.Blog 9 | Party Edition

Rico Love VBlog #8 Party Edition. An inside look on the thoughts and life of the hot producer.

Amazing Journey: The Story Of The Who

Watch this great documentary on the band The Who. This video is for educational purposes only. Enjoy!