Monthly archives: March, 2015

Now That It’s Growing, the Music Industry Finally Forgives the Internet

Good news, everyone! The recording industry no longer thinks the Internet will kill it….

Cooking Vinyl Boss: “A Lot of Artists Think the World Owes Them a Living”

Critics of Spotify’s compensation have homed in on the 0.6-to-0.84 cent the streaming service said is a reasonable estimate of what it pays per play. (The company actually has a formula that relies on ever-changing variables for getting at that figure.) But Spotify has released another number worth noting: $2 billion. That’s the amount the…

Bertelsmann Posts Revenue Gains, CEO Talks BMG’s Alibaba Deal: ‘You Can’t Make Money With CDs in China’

The German media group Bertelsmann increased revenues and its operating income to the highest levels in seven years. Revenues from continuing operations grew by 3.1 percent, to €16.7 billion in 2014 (previous year: €16.2 billion)….

Dame Dash – Good Businessman Or No?

We examine the man and myth, Damon Dash and ask “Is Dame Dash REALLY a good businessman?” We talk with Keith Watson who helped complete the financial breakup of the Rocafella empire. He reveals much information about Dame’s finances during that time and what Dame REALLY owned and didn’t. Also hear the REAL reason why…

Universal call Record Store Day ‘the single best thing that has ever happened to the indie labels’

Universal have defended Record Store Day amid recent criticism from a number of independent labels and artists regarding the annual event….

What Jay Z’s Tidal Means for the Freemium vs. Premium Debate

Jay Z’s Tidal is a lot of things: a star-studded streaming service with 17 of music’s biggest names as key stakeholders; an ambitious new player in a still-nascent but increasingly competitive marketplace that includes iTunes, Beats, Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and Deezer; and a $56.2 million bet on the future of high-definition “lossless” audio, a technology…

Jay Z Likely Headed to Trial in ‘Big Pimpin’ Sampling Lawsuit

Now in its eighth year, the long-running litigation over whether Jay Z rightfully sampled an Egyptian tune in his hit single “Big Pimpin’” is getting closer to resolution. With the trial scheduled for Oct. 13, the judge on Monday indicated she’d likely deny Osama Ahmed Fahmy’s motion for summary judgment against the rapper….

Native Instruments Announces Stems, New Audio Format for DJs

As more electronic musicians are relying on do-it-yourself approaches to solving their genre’s most pervasive problems, like collaborating with peers and licensing issues in mixes, another tool was announced at Miami’s Winter Music Conference on March 27 that will make creating tracks and remixing them that much easier….

Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande & More: Why Making the Leap to Arena Tours Isn’t a Slam Dunk for Every Hit Act

With many of the touring industry’s biggest names rapidly reaching retirement age — some 15 of the top 25 acts since 1990 include at least one musician over 60 — the question of succession is taking on increasing urgency. But a changing of the guard is coming into focus, with Rihanna, Taylor Swift, One Direction,…

Corner Office: YouTube Label Relations Chief Vivien Lewit on Reimagining Its Awards and Helping Women Get Ahead in Tech

The first Youtube Music Awards, held Nov. 3, 2013, were a radical experiment for the longtime leader in online streaming content: Would an audience accustomed to destination viewing on TV do the same on YouTube if the likes of Eminem, Lady Gaga and Arcade Fire all filmed live music videos directed by Spike Jonze and…