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The recently announced NDVR Note looks like it could be a really interesting new MIDI control keyboard, combining a metal case and polyphonic aftertouch in a too-rarely-seen metal body.

The NDVR Note is being developed with an IndieGogo campaign, though, which means that it really needs an intro video that serves as an ‘elevator pitch’, demonstrating in a couple of minutes what makes the keyboard unique and why you should care. This was the most common feedback on our initial post about the NDVR.

The project team has released a second video that’s more of a sneak preview. This peaks our interest again, but we’d really like to see an intro video for the NDVR Note video that:

  • Includes expressive musical demonstrations of the potential of polyphonic aftertouch;
  • Shows clearly what the final NDVR Note hardware is expected to look like;
  • Explains the controller’s connectivity and compatibility; and
  • Covers what non-technical users will be able to do with it, out of the box.

Checkout the new preview video and let us know what you think. Are you potentially interested in the NDVR Note? If so, what would you like to see in an intro video for it?