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Grammy award winning record producer Alex Da Kid stopped by the Renman Live studio to talk about his day gig, working with some of the most talented artists on the planet. Tune in and find out what he has to say about doing something big in the music biz.


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0:00:00 Intro
0:04:30 Alex Da Kid Intro
0:06:15 How did you get started?
0:10:40 When you started out did you have any mentors?
0:14:00 Talk about internships, and the importance of networking
0:16:00 You came to NY, how did you come up with the money to make that happen?
0:15:30` Steve talks about Creative Live and how you learn by doing not learning in a traditional room
0:20:30 Can you describe some stories when you came to NY that tested your resolve
0:22:30 If someone asked you to describe what a producer does how would you describe it?
0:25:50 How do you choose projects? Wondering if you have a team or do you do it personally and if you choose them differently from a personal or label perspective.
0:29:10 Making Music: producer becomes a part of the songwriting team and the lines are blurring. Talk about how you sort that part of the game out and is it positive or does it get tricky
0:31:05 Do you write the song for the singer or write the song and then find the singer, writing with someone in mind
0:33:00 How does all that come together there seems to be a common element
0:35:43 If you are writing with someone in the studio and she puts a hook or a melody on the track and you don’t like it how do you tell her without jeopardizing the energy of the process
0:39:20 How do you manage your time as producer and label?
0:41:50 You have Imagine Dragons, talk about how you hooked up with them and what attracts you to them
0:44:30 When you talk about your label you talk about creative types get too involved in the business side of thing, you seem to be comfortable with the business vs. the creative, how do you balance.
0:47:00 Tap into those mentors to get up to speed.
0:48:00 What do you think the future of dub step and trap style is?
0:50:55 When you’re working for an artist, are there big picture elements that ring your bell and get your attention?
0:53:05 There is a lot of piracy, how do you guys go about stopping it, and handling album leaks.
0:57:20 What advice do you have for a young artist out there making music?
0:59:00 Outro

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