I was just listenin to some super old beats I had made, and I realized that I can pin-point specific moments of my journal shit, my life, with each track. As soon as I start listening, it brings me back to that time of my life (the struggle, the hustle, the joy, everything!). I’ve decided that I’m going to occasionally release an old track for download, and let you know the history behind it. The beat you heard in the video started with my boy, @OfficialDready letting me borrow one of his MPC's, which was insane to me at the time since they are so expensive. I couldn't believe he would just let me borrow something like that with no strings attached lol! I started learning how to chop samples (I had just discovered @OfficialJDilla and became obsessed with chopping everything lol!). I ended up meetin @EddieBlackmon who was working for Kayne at the time. Eddie was also friends with @9thWonder, and after Eddie sent him this beat plus a few others, @9thWonder invited us to hang out with him in North Carolina. This was such an insane moment for me. I learned so much in the short time I was there. I got to see how @9thWonder made beats, interacted with artists, and controlled the entire studio, energy, and vibe. This experience plus a lot of other small moments like this led me to getting a small foot hold in a foreign country where I didn’t know a single person and which also happen to be the most competitive music market in the world. If there is any advice I can give to someone just starting, it’s to value these kind of learning experiences more than anything else. Don’t focus on the insanely impossible things you are trying to do, or the money you might make when you get there. Be 1000% focused on the learning, get better, and fall in love with that process. I can 1000% say that if you’re not in love with that part of whatever you spend most of your time on, then you are chasing the wrong thing in life! Anyway, download the beat now http://hyperurl.co/KiaKjoin If you’re a writer/artist send me back an idea to hello@kidinakorner.com Who knows, maybe the beats I made that are a big part of my history could be a big part of someone’s future!

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